As a completely self taught artist, Mark is an internationally recognised professional landscape photographer with over 16 years experience. 

Mark's work has been displayed im many Galleries & Boardrooms aroung the planet. Including billboards for the USA. (Perth Mint). His images are also displayed in many Calendar's and Travel Websites around the Globe. 

Mark has over 600 Private Collectors World Wide & produces 30 - 50 New Limited Editions per year, with over 28 Awards for Landscape and Panos. 

His landscape images show the brilliance of sunrise and coloured hues of sunset. 

Marks quest for the perfect shot is unending. He travels throughout remote regions of Australia, searching for profound beauty of Mother Natures gift. 

The Mark Zissis online gallery is home to some truely majestic pieces of work and if you're looking for a piece of artwork that looks positively resplendant from every angle, this is certainly where you need to be focusing your attention. 

Mark shoots with a tradional Linhof Technorama 6x17 panoramic medium format film camera with a 3:1 ratio. 

Mark also uses high end digital cameras to capture his square images. 

Each of Marks limted edition prints are printed on silver halide giving the end result a 3 dimensional lifelike feel. 

All of Marks images are printed and acrylic photo mounted in his framing studio located in Sydney, Australia